• Dan Marino

    John The Beast, a relentless trainer and great motivator. I've enjoyed working with him.

  • Irving Fryar

    To achieve your highest level of mental and physical ability for the world class events, train with master trainer John Azari

  • Michael Timpson

    To John "The Beast", the trainer of the century. God Bless

  • Jose Canseco

    To my friend and physical trainer Mr. John "The Beast"

  • Melissa Del Valle

    "The Beast" prepares me mentally, physically and emotionally. He is a friend, a big brother and a great trainer.

  • Richard Hall

    To "Beast" nuff respect + best wishes

  • Diana Nayad

    I always remember you as - "The Beast" - the ultimate

  • Arnold Brinkman

    Training with John Azari has been a great experience in my life ...

  • Butch Brickel

    To John "The Beast"the best trainer