His training is unique. His soul is in his work. He is all heart. You can feel the difference in your body and mind as he works with you.
As a World Class Master Trainer, his expertise are in the areas of Physical, Technical, Motivational, Body Mechanics and Positive Mental Reinforcement Conditioning. Anyone seeking to change their life, improve their health or reach their athletic potential will greatly benefit by working with "The Beast". Anyone, regardless of age or profession can sharpen and increase the following:

-Muscle Size
-Reaction time
-Vertical jump
-Hand and foot speed
-Cardiovascular and Flexibility
-Winning attitude
-Mental aggressiveness
-Including natural weight loss along with a healthy high performance athletic build.

What Kind of Professional Sports?
Boxing, football, basketball, ultimate fighting, hockey, marathon runners, swimming, car racing, tennis and many more.

Other Professions:
Movie stars, corporate executives, physicians, airline pilots.

Training & Food
All training programs are uniquely tailored according to your physical, mental, and athletic needs through "The Beast's" scientific, safe, old-fashioned training and natural food nutritional programs.

"The Beast's" qualifications are the envy of his profession. As a World Class Trainer, he dedicates 100% of his time to reaching not only his goal, but more important, his client's goals. His knowledge and sincerity can only have a positive impact on your life. He is always there for you.

Winning attitude:
Where he gets his positive charging attitude is unknown, but it is contagious. To "The Beast", winning, dignity, honor, responsibility and respect is everything. He is ALWAYS hungry to win. He undoubtedly believes all individuals control their destiny. He has a gift of knowing how to reach deep into your soul and bring it out of you.

What describes John "The Beast"?
Dedication, knowledge, integrity, commitment, respect, exceptional talent and positive attitude; all in one package.